Informe de actividades enviado al CENTER FOR PROCESS STUDIES

Many things have happened globally, we could not imagine in November last year that 2020 was going to be so stormy. But, there we continue, sailing in the midst of difficulties.

1)—First we had to change the name of the group, we were GEM and now we are GIEM, it was due to a requirement of the domain of our website. But, this is one of our first advances, we have a website:

2) —- In November of last year, the members of the GIEM group, organized a SYMPOSIUM within the framework of the «XII Research Conference and I Extension Conference of the Faculty of Humanities and Education» entitled Research and Extension: achievements, opportunities and challenges, from November 25 to 29, 2019. The title of our Symposium was: «Critical approach to the Philosophy of the Process: substantiality, logical basis of its metaphysical proposal and dialogical connections». All members of the group participated with a presentation. You can see the summaries of these papers at

3) —- In January of this year 2020, a research project of our group was approved by the Research Coordination of the Faculty of Humanities and Education of our University, with the theme that we introduced as a presentation in the Conference: «Critical approach to the Philosophy of the Process: substantiality, logical basis of its metaphysical proposal and dialogical connections». Registered with the code: Co In N ° 2019-0004. The result of these investigations is a book that is still in the process of being published. The other expected result was a seminar at the School of Philosophy that failed. The pandemic came and the University was closed until further notice. All of us, the members of GIEM, are university professors, so we have kept in touch with the students through the channels that work here in Venezuela. We make videos, audios and work from home, but the semester closed.

 4) —- But, to say that philosophy comes to your aid when your life needs it! It is not a worn cliche. In the midst of this tsunami, GIEM learned to get around the waves. We stay in touch by WhatsApp, without hours, each one when they can or feel like it and an active connection. And we analyze some topic of Process Philosophy, which we are passionate about. Thus, the free, deep but informal conversations that we have called Decasophos are appearing on our networks.

Decasophos is the result of the dynamic, living, philosophical interaction of six free souls. We all are different, but coordinated in GIEM and highly complementary. Wolfgang Gil from classical antiquity, Edgar Blanco fascinated by modernity and illustration, and I, within my beloved medieval age, could live in the Topos Uranos without problem. But contemporary philosophy is there to bring us down, with our great Ingrid Lares passionate about procedural social ontology and, along with her, our two analysts: Miguel Cabrera, visionary and conscientious professor of logic and philosopher of the mind, and Marcel Chávez with his unique ability to rigorously discriminate the possible from the real. Three philosophers, Ingrid, Miguel and Marcel, who stabilize and moderate the group’s flights. And we have a new member, a Metaphysicist with a doctorate on Zubiri: Dr. Carlos Sierra, (our seventh element) who is already actively collaborating with us. Dr. Carlos Sierra, Mexican, is currently giving an online course (in which I participate) entitled: Thinking metaphysics from the present? from the Xavier Zubiri Foundation in Madrid, where he works.

In short, we all share the same passion for understanding ‘reality’, conceived as a dynamic structure in permanent evolution, from its own vital and creative dynamism. This helps us to look at the whirlpool of apparent immobility in which we are trapped, from its other side, the true one. Our specious intellectual interaction strengthens our spirit and alleviates the tension produced by penalties. The quarantine, in short, is more bearable.

“Decasophos” are ten philosophical conversations that you can read on and

5) —- Thanks to an online course I took in March entitled Probing Process & Reality by John Cobb, organized by Homebrewed Christianity, I had the great luck of meeting Dr. Jay McDaniel, who kindly offered to publish the Decasophos as well on their website  So you can see them there too. Dr. John Cobb himself wrote some beautiful words for us, on Jay’s page. We also did Open Decasophos 9 in honor of Jay McDaniel and, fortunately, he himself participated by opening the conversation with an extraordinary reflection. Here is how we appear in openhorizons:

6) —– Regarding other activities carried out: Two members of our group, Dr. Edgar Blanco and the MSc. Ingrid Lares, participated in an International Congress held entirely on-line from Italy, entitled: “Venezuela: Tensions, conflict and peace”. From May 18 to 20. The participants sent a video with their presentation that was published by YouTube and then a live streaming was opened to ask them questions, which lasted several days. Edgar’s presentation was entitled: “Anacyclosis in Venezuela and the crisis of the Westphalian order”, and Ingrid’s: “Venezuela: Control and Chaos”.

7) —-And this is the seminar of Dr. Carlos Sierra

Finally, we are very happy to have met Dr. Ignacio Castuera, with whom we plan to hold an event in the near future, who also introduced us to Dr. Gorgias Romero, expert in Whitehead’s philosophy.

There are many things to do and some more on the way. Making the studies of the process and thought of Whitehead and John Cobb better known is one of our chief endeavors.

                   Dra. María Guadalupe Llanes

Professor of the School of Philosophy

Member of GIEM-UCV.

Central University of Venezuela